Radha Mehta is a multimedia artist versed in music, filmmaking and painting. 

Radha has had her songs placed on film and TV for major networks, performed for award-winning music festivals around the world, sung the American National Anthem for NBA games throughout the US, and has directed and produced award-winning short films.  Since the birth of her son in 2016, Radha has focused her artistic energies on creating abstract fluid paintings, in the mediums of acrylic and resin, using vibrant colors largely inspired by earth, water, and fire.  Radha has since had works awarded as Best-In-Show in Mixed Media with special features in ArtPrize2017 in Grand Rapids and at museums and galleries in California and Florida.  

Radha enjoys and looks forward to the element of surprise that comes with each piece of multimedia art she creates and hopes you can join along her journey of artistic exploration.