this is not a dream


i believe i once read somewhere that Queen Bey psyches herself into a diva and queen-like mindset before she hits the stage to perform.  i read that she's otherwise shy and only comfortable with her inner circle off stage, but once on stage, all hail the Queen!  
and separately, i've also read somewhere that in order to succeed in life, you've got to "fake it til' you make it".  i agree.  of course by no means should you try to be inauthentic, but sometimes you just have to forcefully believe in yourself until others finally catch on to the greatness that you are.  it all starts with thy self.  and by "you" i'm also referring to myself...i ain't preaching, i'm also forever trying to convince myself of this truth.
sure, easier said than done.  but i know that sense of self-esteem can be quite beautiful and wonderfully contagious.  so my message to both you AND i through my lyrics is to simply let that self-esteem shine through, and maybe others will eventually follow suit!


ps: i absolutely love this photo (credit to  this beautiful south asian woman is so in her zone and seems to just own it!