would you miss me too?


this past weekend i had the amazing opportunity to record on a beautiful album created and produced by a lovely soul of a friend, who just happens to also be a Grammy-award winner.  and while my soul mate was away during that time (yes, i missed him so much even though he was gone for less than 50-ish hours),  i realized how much i love, miss, and fear recording vocals and writing songs.   have you ever felt that juxtaposition?  you love something so much that you fear it...and vice versa, you fear it so much but you can't help but absolutely love it even more?  but either way, you miss it when you're not doing it?
perhaps that "fear" stems from expectations i lay upon myself and not being able to succeed.  
and perhaps that "love" is so deep that no matter what i do to distract myself from it, consciously or subconsciously, i will always return to it like a boomerang.  
so, as with most things in life, why not remove the expectations, accept the love, and enjoy the process while at it?  easier said than done, but this is certainly a mission worth pursuing.
in the meantime, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you dear friend for including me on your masterful project...i simply can't wait to see what becomes of it!
and thank you my dear love for safely returning to me as we gear up to embark upon an entirely new chapter in our lives!