i'm going to marry this boy

An unlikely romance in India at a time when women weren't allowed the freedom of choice. Against all odds, this woman's love story has survived 45 years of marital bliss and is still going strong.

Although it may not show on this blog, I've been doing a lot of "creative" work behind the scenes.  Albeit I've also been crazily consumed by watching the 2016 Rio Olympics every night these last two weeks, but I'll share my thoughts (and revelations) on that in a different post(s)!  Thank goodness that amazing madness is now over!  But nevertheless, I've finally managed to go through all my video footage I've taken over the past 2 years from various places I've traveled, and turn them into short films.  I was inspired to do so by watching some incredible films by awesome filmmakers on Vimeo.  There's so much one can do with just a pocket camera and some film editing skills!

Aside from having my own Vimeo channel under the name of my production house "A Dose Of Soul", I decided to create a playlist called "A Dose Of Soul" on my personal YouTube page.  I finally uploaded to YouTube this short film I released last year called "I'm Going To Marry This Boy".  This film fortunately got selected to be in several film festivals and even won awards.  But, the best reward I got from creating it was the look (and the tears) on both my mom and dad's faces when they first watched it.  Of course they were the first ones to watch it because I wanted to make sure I had their blessing before I made it public.

Hopefully this film is self-explanatory, but in short, my mom and dad were rebels in their own right.  Although they considered arranged marriage as a rite of passage, they didn't accept that as the ONLY way to fall in love with one another...and instead, they created for themselves an adventure of a 3-year courtship, which later turned into a lifelong bond that one can only dream of obtaining.  Their love for one another, through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, serves as a constant source of inspiration and role model for me.  I pray that I can replicate even just an ounce of their loving companionship in my years ahead.

I look forward to sharing more films of mine on stories, poetry, and travel over these next few weeks.  I hope you like them, and please support me by following me on YouTube and/or Vimeo, links below!

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