i received a surprise email this morning...the kind that just made me grin from ear to ear and feel a personal sense of accomplishment before my day even began.
last year, an established composer & conductor somehow discovered me through one of my poems called "Lies".  he had his assistant get in touch with me asking for me to connect with them...for reasons i hadn't known at first.  then, upon speaking with the both of them, the composer said he was inspired by my poem and wanted to do an orchestral arrangement of it and requested my permission to do so.  i of course said yes because i never had an orchestral or symphonic arrangement done to any of my previous songs...until now :)
today, about a year later since our initial conversation, he sent me the baseline arrangement (9 pages of sheet music!) of my poem to seek my feedback prior to him completing it for his orchestra and choir (based in Canada)!  so...I'm now in the process of playing it to hear how it sounds...and I'm simply ecstatic about it!

the point of my sharing this is you never know who might pick up on the ripple of your pebble.  i wrote the poem "Lies' a long while back out of frustration from the several mass shootings that occurred (Aurora, Newton, Boston...), one after another, claiming innocent lives from us far too soon.  my poem itself still brings a sense of unease for me emotionally.  but to think that perhaps my message touched someone, somewhere out there, who was inspired enough to share it in a way i had never imagined...i can only be so grateful!  i personally thank the wonderful composer and conductor, Ronald Beckett, for reaching out to me.  i can't wait to eventually watch a performance of this project once it's all said and done!


ps: for reference, i've copy/pasted my poem "Lies" below:


How many lies does it take to make you see
that freedom is just an illusion
And when I start to try to show you
That’s when the world lets us know
Hey, shut your mind, be viciously unkind, hun’

I try to convince myself that these rules meant to keep us safe will some day be our creed
But then it hurts so bad to see pure innocence dying for our faults
Dying for our faults
Dying for our wrongs

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I’ve heard it said too many times that our leaders will set us free
But I’ve learned these lies, re-lived these scenes
I may be sad, I may have cried
I may have shattered my sense of pride
But I still wake up with hopeful dreams
With hopeful dreams
With hopeful dreams

So let me find that peaceful place
Where I can cast away my fears
Some thoughts are stronger in my head
But it’s time my love can fight this war
Love can fight this war
Love can win this war

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These are the photos of my memories past
These are the letters that I wrote last
These are the words I wish I’d take back
This is the love, but why am I so sad
Gone are the parents I never had
Gone are the children I wish I had
These are the dreams, they hurt so bad
This is my conscience driving me mad
Where is the love we claim to have
Where is the soul that we once had

This is how I feel
Do you know how I feel
Cuz’ if you think you know how I feel
Then this madness cannot be real


This madness can’t be real
It can’t be real…

Radha Mehta | Copyright | 2015