i will rise

i will rise_radhamehta

lyrics from an earlier song of mine called "i will rise".  although my writing partner / producer (and brother), Ravé, and i had the story of Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison, and the War of Currents, in mind when writing this song, we knew these lyrics came from a place deep within our hearts. let's just say that growing up in a town called Kankakee, Illinois (deep midwest) wasn't the friendliest place to endure a memorable childhood as a minority.  there's no doubt our family stood out in that town (and got picked on constantly), but we somehow managed to embrace being unique!  although a child's upbringing and surrounding environment can surely have a lasting impact on the individual's psyche throughout life, it doesn't mean that the individual doesn't have the power (preferably with the help of the right tools and support) to change the course of that impact towards a more positive direction.  luckily my brother and i simply channeled the negativity and bullying we were often a target of into our creative projects ever since :)  to all those who have been bullied before and came out stronger because of it...i say wear that experience as a "badge of honor" signifying that nothing, or no one, can bring you down...ever...again!


ps: here's an animated music video of our song "i will rise".

RENAISZANCE - "I Will Rise" music video and short documentary inspired by THE INVENTOR graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla.