baby buddha


earlier today I was doing a routine visit to my doctor and while at the hospital, I passed by a boutique shop that had this cute Baby Buddha on display.  without hesitation, i went in to purchase it right away.  i'm used to seeing statues of an adult Buddha most of my life (and all around my family's home while growing up), but this...this was not only pure, innocent, and absolutely adorable, but it was of course perfect timing for me to have seen it!
long before "Buddha" became the "enlightened one", Siddharta Gautama was born to a father who was a king, and a mother who unfortunately died just days after giving birth to him.  although a holy man prophesized great things for young Siddharta, Siddharta's father decided to shelter him from the knowledge of religion and sufferings of the world by raising him in isolation in their opulent palace. many of you know how the story continues...but the point of my sharing this is...curiosity got the best of him (thank goodness for that!)! 
Siddharta's curious nature led him through various adventures during a lifelong pursuit of truth and a willpower to relieve universal suffering which he believed to be a defining trait of humanity.
upon reflection, i'm forever grateful to have had parents who allowed me to see the rights and wrongs of our environment at a rather early age.  they'd try to shelter me from negative energies as best as they could, but it was no easy feat in this ever-changing dynamic world.  instead, we quickly learned to accept, embrace, and more importantly, understand the root cause of various events in our lives in order to come up with our own "life lessons" while constantly trying to balance the positive with the negative.
although i'm not a Buddhist, i vow to try my best to embrace the religion's many principles of balance, mindfulness, and detachment from the many things that cause suffering.  and hopefully, one day as a parent, i can provide my child the freedom (with responsibility!) to make his own discoveries in life while in pursuit of a greater good that can spread love to us all!