#createlove (my personal lifelong, non 30-day "30-day challenge")


i've been wanting to explore my inner creativity for quite some time.  yes, i've done several projects in music and tried my hand at photography, art, and writing in general...but i want to get better at it.  i want to push myself to be more than just someone who dabbles at this or that.  so, i've decided to start this blog to force myself to explore a bit deeper into the artistic world, and intend to start with a 30-day creativity challenge with its own hashtag #createlove.  why "create love"?  because i sincerely believe that anyone can create from a place of love (and passion), whether it be in the form of music, art, images, writing, or through innovating via science.  i'm pretty sure that not all my "creativity" will be around the theme of love itself, and my 30-day challenge might not be limited to just 30 days, nor will i be consistent over time in the coming years.  however, i know that we all need outlets from the routine stuff we do daily, and my outlet just happens to be through exploring my inner creativity.

let creativity come to you and i, but let's be sure to show up each day ready to receive it!  take on this challenge with me and perhaps we can each discover something new and fascinating about ourselves through the process!